We are creating a circular economy to develop the highest concentration of green manufacturers and 360° products in the U.S.


We are an innovative textile service that solves your industrial waste problems while exemplifying environmental values and keeping industrial waste from the landfill.

We are from Western North Carolina and we are also manufacturers.




Our mission is to sustain this region’s manufacturing roots, create jobs and build a healthier community. Today’s customers - your customers - are interested in where their products come from and  the environmental impacts of the manufacturing process. By working with us you will join us in telling this story as we work together to shape a new future of manufacturing for our region. A future that will interest and excite a new generation of consumers and workers!

We’re working closely with local manufacturers, the Manufacturing Solutions Center, NC State University School of Textiles and Leigh Fibers to research and develop new solutions for fabric waste that will drive the demand for our region’s recycled fibers. Our plan is to have the highest concentration of green manufacturers and re-manufactured products in the U.S. We can provide a great recycling service and make remarkable products, while caring for this place we love.